Testing novel sensor systems to measure air quality

[June 2022]

In the eUVM project, air pollution sensors will be used to collect data on air quality. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particles PM10 and PM2.5 are measured. The results will be used for the evaluation of environmentally sensitive traffic management measures or the underlying models. It is also to be examined whether the sensor systems can supplement the existing Berlin measurement network in the future.

In a first step, the measurements of three sensor systems are compared with reference measurements. Within the framework of a call for tenders, the sensor systems of the companies Robert Bosch GmbH, Hawa Dawa GmbH and Smart City Factory GmbH were selected for these tests. The sensor systems were installed in Berlin in early/mid-June 2022. For each manufacturer, three identical sensor systems were put into operation at two measuring stations of the Berlin air quality measuring network, which are to be compared with each other. From these comparisons and the comparison with the quality-assured data of the Berlin air quality measurement network, various parameters are determined, on the basis of which it is decided which sensor systems will be used for further test measurements. The first results are expected at the end of the third quarter of 2022.

Further information about this sub-project: Air pollution analysis

Further information on air quality measurements: Berlin Air Quality Monitoring Network

The new sensors were mounted on the measuring container of the SenUMVK.
Test of the sensor systems .
Installation of the sensor systems at the measuring station at Jannowitzbrücke.
Test of three sensor systems for mobile measurement of air quality.
Test of three sensor systems for mobile measurement of air quality.
New sensors
The first results are expected in autumn 2022.
Sensor systems at the Schildhornstraße measuring station .
The sensors were also installed in Steglitz for testing.
Air quality measuring net container in Schildhornstraße.
The air quality measurement network container is located in Schildhornstraße.