Test bed drive

06.-17.07.2020 | The first test bed run in Berlin-Reinickendorf is scheduled for today. Appropriately equipped test vehicles and production vehicles collect data that is of central importance for research into autonomous driving:

  • What can the vehicle detect?
  • How can the information be further processed in the backend?
  • How can this information be communicated between vehicles?

The special feature: For the first time, all four test vehicle partners are coming together for the test bed trip, and IAV has even brought along a brand new vehicle.

Thus, the data recordings conducted on selected routes in Reinickendorf serve to improve the perception and prediction of automated vehicles. The data recordings also serve to speed up the updating of traffic information and the self-updating of the digital map of the state of Berlin – important thematic focuses of our project.

Test vehicle of the partner IAV on the road
Test vehicle of the partner IAV on the road