Second Project Workshop in Adlershof

27.09.2021 Adlershof

After the first project workshop in Mariendorf 2020, the planned second project workshop took place in the Adlershof Technology Park at the end of September 2021. Here, too, the goal was to find out to what extent the area there is suitable for the use of highly automated shuttle buses. To this end, the Berlin Agency for Electromobility eMO – Berlin Partner, together with the other partners in the project, including SenUVK, BVG TU Berlin and IAV, invited stakeholders in the area to a joint workshop.

After introductory words from the district representative and the WISTA site management, the participants were informed about the Shuttles&Co project and the ongoing operations in Alt-Tegel. This included a brief description of the technology used, as well as clarification of the current regulatory framework and ongoing accompanying research on acceptance.

In small groups, four scenarios for future mobility in the Adlershof Technology Park were initially drafted, which included different characteristics of the modal split and neighborhood development for the use of highly automated shuttle buses. This was followed by a vote on the most desirable and realistic scenario or scenario mix.

After the lunch break, the task was then to use the World Café method to identify the requirements of the identified scenario for politics and administration, the operating mode, the target group and for the vehicle.

Finally, various recommendations and requirements for action were derived from the desirable and realistic scenario and the requirements identified with it, which represent the result of the project workshop:

  • Conducting a mobility analysis
  • Identification and definition of target and user groups for automated and connected driving (ACD)
  • Embedding ACD in an overall spatial concept
  • Better regulation of stationary traffic to ensure functioning shuttle operations.
  • Creation of acceptance among non-users in order to avoid conflicts