Roadside Unit

Since 7.12.2018, the first traffic signal system in the test area in Berlin has been equipped with a Roadside Unit (RSU). By using RSUs, the traffic lights are enabled to transmit the signaling ( for how long is still green or red) to all road users. In a first step, this is sent to suitably equipped vehicles via ITS-G5 (p-WLAN). But the next step is to implement a service that makes this information available to all road users (broadcasting via mobile communications). This service will make an important contribution to traffic flow stabilization. This technology is also an essential building block for the mobility of the future, as it facilitates the driving tasks of autonomous vehicles in intersections. It is planned to equip a further 12 traffic lights with this technology as part of the project.

Road Side Unit at the traffic light Waldstraße corner Siedelmeisterweg