Project extension until June 2022

30.11.2021 | Berlin

Around 10,000 passengers have already tried out the “little yellow busses” in Tegel

The pilot project for autonomous driving “Shuttles & Co,” in which passengers travel in highly automated electric minibuses in Tegel, is being extended: The German Federal Ministry of Transport has approved the continuation of the promising project until summer 2022. Until then, the vehicles can continue to be tried out on two lines – something that around 10,000 passengers have done in the meantime.

The service, which started in summer 2021, initially served two routes and eight stops with one shuttle each. Three “little yellow busses” have been on the road since the beginning of October, and two stops have been added. They run daily from 09:30 to 12:45 and from 13:15 to 17:00. One vehicle operates on line 328A, two others on line 328B.

The operation is carried out in accordance with the current infection control regulations. As a result, masks are compulsory – as is the case everywhere in Berlin’s public transport system – and the nationwide 3G rules for public transport now also apply. In addition, the number of passengers in the pilot project has been reduced to allow spacing: A maximum of three passengers can ride at the same time. There would be room for six. In addition, an attendant is on board who can also control the vehicle remotely.

Due to the restrictions of the Corona pandemic, the research accompanying the operation, for example on user acceptance, could only be started with a delay in some cases. Therefore, also for further data collection, the extension of half a year makes a lot of sense. > Press Release (in German)