First Project-Workshop

28.10.2020 | First Project-Workshop in Berlin Alt-Mariendorf. The partners involved in the project, including SenUVK, BVG, TU Berlin, IAV and the Berlin Agency for Electromobility eMO, want to find out which other areas in Berlin are potentially suitable for the use of highly automated shuttle buses.

One of these areas could be the Alpenviertel Nord in Mariendorf. In an initial project workshop, the eMO invited various stakeholders from the neighborhood to consider the use of shuttle buses between Mariendorfer Damm in the west and Britzer Garten in the east.

After a welcoming speech by district councilor Christine Heiß and detailed information on automated and connected driving, the attendees got to work:

  • Future scenarios were drafted in group discussions
  • In a subsequent “backcasting” it was considered which conditions would have to be fulfilled in order to create the prerequisites for the use of autonomous shuttle buses in the area

The eMO will evaluate the results of the project workshop together with the project partners and further develop them into recommendations for action and implementation strategies after a further workshop planned for May 2021.