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Project description

December 2021 – December 2024
In the eUVM project, a comprehensive expansion of the existing mobility data platform is being carried out in order to be able to establish the forward-looking project in the long term on the one hand and to expand the mobility data platform for the various use cases on the other. This includes, above all, the connection of new traffic and environmental data, but also the further development and improvement of user-friendliness when retrieving and visualising the data.

In this context, a dashboard for traffic and environmental data is also planned, with the help of which the most important information can be presented and awareness of the topic of air pollutants and traffic can be raised. In order to further increase the added value of the mobility data platform, automated data analyses will be possible on the platform in the future.

The Senate Department for the Environment, Urban Mobility, Consumer Protection and Climate Action (SenUMVK) visualises and makes traffic and environmental data freely and digitally available to all interested parties via the state’s own Digital Platform for Urban Transport Berlin (DPS). This should enable efficient management of data flows, such as those that occur in the modelling of air pollutants or the collection of static and highly dynamic sensor data from road detection, on the mobility platform of the Senate Department.

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About the DPS

For an efficient management of innovative data streams, such as those collected in the collection of static and highly dynamic sensor data from road detection, the Senate Transport Administration currently operates an open mobility data platform. This offers the state of Berlin, citizens, administration, business and research an intuitive and freely accessible web portal that allows access to all data from the field of mobility and related areas. The philosophy behind this project is the provision of open data via open interfaces with open software.

The advantages of the Digital Platform Urban Transport Berlin are very diverse and include the following:

  • Companies, public authorities and private individuals publish data that developers* use to create digital solutions.
  • The available data sets are described in simple language and are easy to search and retrieve.
  • Genuine value-added services result from the refinement of raw data. The data is available in standard formats such as GeoJSON, including open source scripts for processing.
  • Emerging value-added services need free access to the data. The necessary licences are easily accessible and create a legally secure situation for companies, authorities and research.
  • Users are often used to a high level of service from services provided by the private sector.
  • The digital platform Stadtverkehr Berlin offers comparable comfort and exclusive data sets.