Citizens’ Conference Second WE

16.-18.04.2021 | Second WE of the citizens’ conference on autonomous driving

The second weekend of the citizens’ conference started on April 16 with rides in the “little yellow one” – the autonomous bus shuttle of the BVG. The participants were able to test the autonomous driving experience on the former See-Meile route. The group then positioned themselves out in the open on their attitudes toward various aspects of autonomous driving. In the evening, transport policy spokespersons of the Bundestag parliamentary groups answered the questions of the participants.

Saturday afternoon was dedicated to “SpeedScience”, a procedure for hearing experts. Nine experts gave their assessments of legal, urban planning, sociological, technological and ethical issues surrounding autonomous driving. The results of these surveys will be incorporated into the citizens’ report that the participants will draft during the last weekend of the conference in May.

(All face-to-face meetings were conducted with the hygiene rules agreed upon in the project and in conformity with the Berlin pandemic rules in effect at the time of the citizens’ conference.)